Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Need to Get a Life

Seriously. I'm lame.

When I come home from school, I usually work. This summer, I'm stretchin' my money like a mug. In turn, I do absolutely nothing. I spend entire days in my pajamas, sitting on the computer, playing Pokemon, and consuming massive amounts of junk food (White Castle and chicken nuggets, anyone?). And when I do go out, it's rarely for a good reason, but rather because I know I don't go anywhere.

I'm vegetating, and I know it. I am slowly becoming less of a human being, and more of myself in high school. Funny thing is, I lose weight while I do it (Ha!).

There's something about this house. I lose all motivation for anything, when I'm here. I don't know if I've ever felt less cool. But no, I don't play video games with my grandma. I just like that picture.

Maybe I need a hobby...

...could hunt dogs...


TOPolk said...

This post has made me want to start using " a mug" again in day to day conversation.

Anonymous said...

lives are overrated,dem mushrooms are everywhere