Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blue Socks

My socks are all turning to a blueish gray. Apparently, you really do need to wash whites and colors separately. Totally not an urban legend. Consider my mind blown.

Thing is, I only have, like, one white shirt. The rest of my white laundry is just the socks. And I hardly even wear socks, because I'm hooked on flip-flops.

This means I'll be saving my socks for weeks in order to get a laundry load's worth.

So, really, that shouldn't pose a problem. If I don't wear socks often, I won't wash socks often. But the thought of dirty socks sitting around for weeks? That's just gross.

And I know what you're thinking, "Just wash them a few at a time." But really? I'm not going to wash and dry three pairs of socks. That's stupid. What would Al Gore say, wasting all that water? Next time you think of something stupid like that, keep it to yourself...

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