Thursday, August 6, 2009

Critical Txts?

I've heard my father say that people are wasting too much time on their phones, these days. He feels that the time we spend talking on the phone or sending text messages (he doesn't even know about Twitter) would be better spent with our friends and family or doing what he calls, "critical thinking."

I can see where he's coming from. It bums me out, too, when we're trying to do something as a family and my mom gets a 10-minute phone call. And I feel pretty bad when he notices me tapping away at my phone while he's talking.

"Critical thinking" is what Dad calls devoting your full attention to one subject, like your future, and really pounding your brain. And there's no denying it - it's amazing what you can think up when you're really just thinking. It's so important that we take time to stop and think about our lives. It's so easy to live one day at a time, facing obstacles as we reach them, all the while, losing sight of our ultimate goals.

Think a lot.

After pondering that for a while, I found it fitting to devote some critical thought to this cell phone business...

And I've concluded that I don't see a problem with spending time on your phone, be it talking, texting, Facebook, Twitter, whatever. What matters is what you're doing and why.
Are you helping someone?
Are you sharing important information?
Are you listening to someone who needs an open ear?
Are you encouraging someone?
Heck - are you making money?

Those are things that really matter when they're done face-to-face, and I see no reason why doing them over the phone would diminish there value.

But if you're on your phone so you don't get bored waiting on your mocha, or because you haven't checked your email in half an hour, maybe you should just ignore it and devote your attention to your current situation. You could even try some critical thinking.

...says the guiltiest guy...

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