Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back to School

I don't even like Kanye West. And I'm pretty sure he'd get whooped somethin' fierce if he went to school with a Luis Vuitton backpack.

Whatever. When I thought, "back to school," two images came to mind: that picture of Kanye and Rodney Dangerfield in a bath robe.
You get Kanye.

School... Right! I'm going back. If you'd keep up, you would remember that I took a break. A mental health series-of-months, if you will. I just needed to clear myself of responsibility for a while and spend a few months freeballin' in my PJs.*

I worked. A little. If you could call it work. But other than that, freeball, baby!*

If I had to sum up my vacation in five words, they would be...
StreetFighter IV

Alas, I grow tired, and I'm ready for summer!

Yep, yep. As big of shocker as it is, I'm about to go to monkey-fightin' school in the Monday-to-Friday summer! Dude, I never thought it'd be me. See, much like Wiis in old folks' homes and Rihanna gettin' rocked like she slapped Mike Tyson, I thought the concept of going to school during the summer was effing hilarious - until I realized it actually happened.

This post was about nothing.

*I wore underwear. Cereally.


TOPolk said...

Good luck dude. Go for broke.

Anonymous said...

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