Friday, April 17, 2009

I Almost Bought a Pair of Shorts

Like many a dull day, I found myself browsing Old Navy. I saw some hoodies. Didn't dig 'em. Whatever.

I saw some cargo shorts for $20.

Now, I've been considering wearing shorts for some time, now. I've been trying since New Year's to broaden my hori-... that's so cliche... I've been trying to expand my wardrobe. So far, I've bought a pair of sandals and a jacket.

Baby steps.

See, I'm the kind of guy who could happily live in a cartoon. If I didn't have to worry about my clothes being clean, or people thinking they weren't, I'd totally wear my favorite shirt and pants every day. So, it's not surprising that I wear jeans and a t-shirt all the time.

Some time in middle school, I decided I liked jeans, and I've simply never felt like changing. If you know me, personally, there's a good chance you've never seen me in a pair of shorts. I'm in jeans, every single day. On special occasions, I bust out my single pair of khakis. I have some black dress pants, too. I bought them for a funeral, two years ago, and I doubt I'll wear them again until someone else dies.

Well today, for some unknown reason, in Old Navy, I grabbed two pair of cargo shorts and took them to the dressing room. I really can't explain it. I just did it. And I have to say, when I stood in front of that mirror, separated from the cozy denim security pants I had grown so comfortable in, I really liked what I saw...

Then I put the shorts on. They looked pretty good, but not good enough for me to buy them. We'll see what happens.


Trey said...

the things you think about make me the laugh and i cant believe that you dont like shorts if i had my way id never wear a pair of jeans.

Beans Shadow said...

If I had my way, I'd never wear pants...Period.

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