Wednesday, March 18, 2009

*Sigh* ...Facebook, Facebook, Facebook...

Yes, yes, I know I'm late on the whole Facebook fiasco. But that's because I just now realized how bad the situation was!

As you may know, Facebook recently attempted to buy Twitter. Well, as popular as Facebook is, the guys just haven't found a way to make much money off of it (if you think Facebook has a lot of ads, take a moment and revisit MySpace). It's my understanding that Facebook offered to come up with the funds by selling off it's own stock, and the folks at Twitter just weren't convinced it was worth enough.

Facebook's answer? If you can't join 'em, beat 'em!

...wait, no, that sounds retarded...

No, no, that's right. Zuckerburg & Friends decided the best course of action would be to mimic Twitter. I guess they figured that if they could duplicate Twitter, Facebook users won't see a purpose in using both services. Sounds good, right? It did to me; I love Twitter. I think hearing about the day-to-day thoughts and activities of others is interesting. I was itching to get my hands on the new layout to see if it truly served the purpose of Twitter.

Unfortunately for Facebook, the layout failed on all counts. It's confusing to navigate, it's no replacement for Twitter and they completely ignored the fact that most Facebook users had no interest in Twitter. As a result, they've thrust updates like "Getting ready for work," "I hate my life," and "I just made cookies from scratch, YUMMM!," into the faces of people who really, really don't care.

Twitter's "follow" system provides a medium for the user to send messages to whoever has decided to receive them. It's a one-way relationship, unlike Facebook's "friends." If a user doesn't want to see updates like "I just farted in class. I hope nobody smells it," then they won't follow people who post those things. What Facebook implemented was pure imitation - good imitation - but in a setting in which it just doesn't fit. Most people on Facebook aren't connected to their "friends" because we want to hear every tiny detail about their lives. Facebook users want an easy way to send messages, network and share pictures and videos with their friends and family, not an up-to-the-minute newscast featuring every friggin' person they know.

"Microblogging" isn't for everyone. It's not for most people. Hell, it's hardly for many people!

But that's enough talk. I wasn't even going to post about this, until it was brought to my attention exactly how epic this failure truly is. A new application, New Layout Vote (not created by Facebook) serves the purpose of a simple "yes or no" poll. I added the app, I posted my two cents in the comment area and I voted. What I saw next was nothing short of stunning:

That fail is about as epic as Superman and Chuck Norris fighting on the surface of the sun...

Despite knowing that most people hate it, I'll still ask: What you think of the new layout?


Michael Wells said...

you realize that the people who post things like, "i just farted" you can just ex out, and they will no longer show up on your wall... you can even make a group of specific friends so that when you click on that group in the upper left hand corner, you see only the updates from those specific friends. i completely disagree with all this facebook hate, i think the problem is that most people dont like change, and most people are just dumb... its different yes... but take a bit of time to learn it, and its pretty nice actually. but that's just my opinion. not directed at you, just at the populace in general... i'll be fine either way.

Chris said...

People will figure it out, eventually. They're in a state of shock that I suppose the Facebook people anticipated. It happened when the News Feed came out. Everyone thought it was "stalkerish," until Facebook went out of it's way to show that people had complete control over what got posted.

I would have expected it all to blow over. But when I saw the results of that poll, I really started to question whether or not it will. I guess only time will tell.

Auror Assassin said...

Fool, Facebook is Satan, and thats why it is me personal belief that I dont give a rat's ass about what 98% of my "facebook friends" have to say in there miniblog. It ridiculous, a blogger is a blogger and a facebooker is just a normal person, why can't they see that?

Anonymous said...

hi all