Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Picks for the Funniest Super Bowl Ads of 2009

This year had some great commercials and most of them were really funny. I found myself, and those around me, laughing quite a bit. And oddly, the laughs weren't coming from the usual places. See, when I sit down for the Super Bowl, I consider the top contenders for "funniest ad," to be Bud Light and Pepsi. In my opinion, this year's Bud Light ads were the weakest I can remember. Heck, even Budweiser's Clydesdales didn't seem to "hit'cha right here," like they usually do. And Pepsi? "PepSuber." That's all I can say about that... *sigh*

So who brought the heat, this year? Like I said, not the expected. Here are my picks for the Funniest Super Bowl Ads of 2009:






Now, obviously, I'm not King of Commercials and you might not agree with my list. You should make your own list (or just tell me what you think I'm missing). If you do make your own list, show it too me. I'd love to see it! You can see a vast majority of Super Bowl ads from this year and last year on Unfortunately, despite the fact that Hulu was promoted as the official online host of Super Bowl ads, they don't seem to have every ad. I suppose you could scrounge up the rest on YouTube, like I did for number 2.

Good Luck!


Beans Shadow said...

I agree with most of yours... but I thing the fact that Richard Dean Anderson was actually in the Pepsi "MacGruber" add has to bump it up to at least top 10 if not top 5... just my opnion.

Trey Benton said...

i agree with your top pick but macgruber was very funny