Friday, February 6, 2009

"...But Robots? No, They're Just Lights and Clockwork"

Sorry, bruh. There are three able-bodied Food Lion employees right over there, crackin' jokes. They know all about grocery and putting it in bags. They can handle it.

It's something I still don't understand: self-checkouts. Sure, they can be faster when the lines are longer and I don't have much. And when the situation arises that I have one or two items to buy, I'll use them. But I hate it like mayonnaise. I just can't stand the idea of waiting in line, ringing up my own crap, then bagging it, just so Wal-Mart can downsize a couple of minimum wage employees.

And the technology is far from perfected. The machines literally don't know apples from oranges, they freak out if you scan too fast, and I'm pretty sure I heard one call me the "N word," the other day. I say we get rid of the things and hire more teens. If I'm gonna have to deal with incompetent employees, I'd rather they have a faces.

It's okay, though. This came up in shuffle and cheered me up.

Is that Eva Mendes in the car?

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Steph said...

This is so completely true! I also really don't like how they publicly announce everything you scan, and then promptly declare your total out loud-- I know that I bought 10 dollars worth of donuts, buut I don't want the rest of Food Lion to know that!

Right on! (do people still say that?)