Monday, February 9, 2009


I'm mad... I should say, I'm frustrated. I'm frustrated with our blender. Why? Because the second the blades begin to spin, they create an air bubble inside of which the blades continue to spin, leaving everything else in the blender safe from mutilated, fruit bliss. It takes about .8 seconds from the time the blades begin spinning for the bubble to form.

Start. Stop. Jab with a spoon. Repeat.

Now, I don't know jack skellington about blenders, but I can only assume that this phenomenon should be attributed to poor construction, a.k.a. cheapashellness.

Whatevs. That's not important. The real problem is that I let myself get stressed too easily. I nearly blew a gasket (whatever that is) trying to make a smoothie the other night. I ended up dumping half of it on the counter and letting it sit there while I ate the rest.

Okay, so the spill was an accident. The point is that I didn't care. I sat there, festering in anger, eating the chunky remainder with a spoon.

I've been trying to relax, or learn how to. It's the major reason I'm not in school this semester. I have to learn to calm down. Simply not having anything to worry about helps a lot, but these little things like blenders get me all bothered. Funny thing is, people hardly seem to notice. I guess on the outside, I just look frustrated or upset. But on the inside, I feel like putting throwing blenders into traffic, at rush hour.

I've got to stop wiggin' out.

One thing that always seems to help my mood, though, is music. It helps me relax, even if only temporarily. When I'm upset, I can just throw on something fun and before too long, I find myself lost it. Maybe that's part of why we have it.

Here are some songs that really seem to help brighten my mood, these days:

"I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me" - Annie
"Overpowered by Funk" - The Clash
"Food Fight!" - Be Your Own Pet
"40 oz" - BrokeNCYDE
"I Wana Go" - Soulja Boy
"Kaliforn-Eye-A" - P.O.D. feat. Mike Muir
"Sound Of Kuduro" - Buraka Som Sistema
"Come On" - Stanley Clarke

What do you guys do to cool down? What keeps you from losing your mind when the stray mutt of fate pees on your shoes?

Seriously... I wanna know...


TOPolk said...

Like you I listen to music, but it has to be in a setting that allows me to be all by my lonesome. And it's only a couple of songs in particular:

DeVotcKa - "Until The End of Time"
The Pixies - "Where Is My Mind"

I can almost feel my blood pressure dropping when I do this.

Chris said...

Nice picks. I dig that Pixies track.

Anonymous said...

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