Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm My Buddy! You Can Be Yours!

I talk to myself. I do it a lot. Sometimes it's in third person, asking myself questions, but it's usually just me thinking out loud. I know it sounds crazy, but I swear, I'm not. Of course, I'd be the last to know, wouldn't I?

It's really not a bad idea. You would probably be surprised how often you would catch yourself thinking something crazy, once you've heard it come out of somebody's mouth. In fact, I'd recommend running a ideas past yourself before you put them in action. Even small decisions. Especially small decisions - those are the ones you don't think about.

Those "wait, why did I do that?" moments could be avoided.

I intend to get a lot of new clothes over the coming months. You may have figured I didn't, but I do realize that I wear a t-shirt and jeans, every day. I've been that way for a couple years, now. Now I actually feel like changing. First some new jackets, then I'll move on to mixing up the shirts. You may see me in a button-up, soon.

Did you know that you can access YouTube on your mobile? It's my understanding that there was a separate mobile YouTube just videos uploaded by phones. Well, now all the videos are available on the mobile site. It works surprisingly well, too. It doesn't look too great, but the videos load fairly quickly for me, only buffering at the start. I'm sure it varies a lot among different devices, but you ought to check it out. Of course, be warned, it requires huge data transfers, so make sure your plan can handle it.

I'm gonna work on this layout. Maybe tonight. I've just been templates and they're mad lame. I haven't really messed with HTML since high school, but I'd rather have a crappy layout I made that to keep these templates.

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