Thursday, October 23, 2008

Almost As Good As My Next Blog

I didn't use to play video games on a daily basis, or even a weekly basis. In fact, my PS2 was collecting serious dust. What happened? I got a PS3 over the summer and now it's eating up my spare time.

I'm not gonna lie, the state of the economy is finally starting to bum me out. It's all they talk about on the news, and no one really understands it. News channels and Presidential candidates throw out names of banks and businesses, trying to push the blame in different directions, but when it comes down to it, no one can agree on the solution. Why? Because liberals and conservatives can't even agree on how our economy works! They all study the books and earn degrees, but somehow they manage to come out with opposite solutions to every economic problem. Either in economy is completely uncontrollable, or one group is completely wrong.

We're so superficial. I don't even know if we can help it. It's easy, if you try, to judge a person for who they really are, once you get to know them. But uh, how do we choose who we get to know?


I'll admit this: I have a problem asking for help. I just don't like to do it. But recently I've found myself asking for help with a subject I know nothing about. It's a strange feeling, admitting to yourself that you're hopeless without help. I guess anything beats failure...

But we need people. That's really what friends are for. They help each other. It's great to have buddies to do fun things with, but it's more important to have people you can depend on. Friends help without hesitation. They don't expect anything in return for help. If they need help, they know where to go. God forbid you find yourself surrounded by buddies and no friends.

I wrote a lot of blogs entries on MySpace before I decided to stop writing and deleted all of my posts. They were terribly revealing - soul-baring, really. I got scared having so much of myself out there for the world to see. And with the things I wrote, it's understandable. Anyone who read those posts would know things about me I've never told anyone face-to-face. My innermost thoughts, feelings and expressions of... well, everything.

But now. Just now, I wonder if it was a mistake to not just stop writing them, but to delete them. If I could see them again, I would read through them, perhaps edit them and maybe even post some again. Every time I finish a post on my new blog it feels horribly impersonal. I don't feel like this is me. I avoid truly divisive topics. I never write full blogs on a single, important topic. I string off a few observations and post it. That's not me.

Bare with me while I find a balance. I assure you, this blog will be the place to learn about who I am and what I think. I just need to find that balance.


Anonymous said...

First....Chris i think u have a future in writing...just remember us little people alright...its ur boy..PS vote for obama.

Samantha Jade! said...

This is quite amazing.
You definately have a way with words.
It seems you have been inspired to show the real you, and that is great.
Because I am almost positive that the real you, is every ounce of incredible, and I can assure you that that is who everyone wants to know.
So, with that being said, go on witcha' bad self, boy!

squizzi said...

Go major in english.. I was going to it can't be thaaaaaaat bad :D