Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sorry it took so long...

The few of you who knew this blog was coming know how long it took. You're reading the second post. That's a faux pas. I'll let it slide. Anyway, I figured I'd let my second post explain why the first one took so long. I am a perfectionist. For me, writing is very, very difficult.

But it's not because I can't write. I get excited when teachers assign papers. Easy points. I'll take a term paper over a final exam any day, spend 3 days on it, and grin when I turn it in. In other words, I eat papers like "nom nom nom." But those papers are graded by teachers, not me. They're never good enough for me; I've just learned to except the fact that they don't have to good enough for me to get an A. The last time I turned in a paper I was truly satisfied with was 11th grade. It was titled "Candy Era," or something similar. It was about America's unbending demand for instant gratification and complete inability to handle discomfort or disappointment.
was a sick paper.

With this blog, it's different. I've been writing for days, each time completely unsatisfied with what I wrote, then starting over. I've finally accepted that if I didn't stop rewriting, I would never post. I decided to just post my last draft. So, from this point, forward, there will be no rewrites. I'll be writing what's on my mind, hopefully without second guessing myself, and posting it.

Like so.

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