Friday, August 15, 2008

Campus Awaits!

So. In the morning, I'll be returning to the wonderful campus of East Carolina University. I'm actually looking forward to it. Things have been pretty slow at home, but I'll take the blame for that.

The truth is, I really enjoy the days where I can just relax by myself. What can I say? Sometimes, being so close to friends becomes a bit like a job. They have expectations and you have obligations. See, I grew up without siblings. I never got used to having people around me all of the time. I like having my space. In the dorms, there are people around when I wake up, and people around when I go to sleep. Friends want to hang out for days at a time. I'm sorry guys, but I can't be around anybody for two days straight, with no time to myself. I get grumpy. I've got to get away. So if you see me walking around the mall alone, that's just me escaping you. Ellowel. No, really, you should say hi.

This summer, I enjoyed my time alone. I worked a stress-free part-time summer job and an internship. I spent the rest of my time relaxing, shopping, revisiting some fantastic albums and enjoying my new Playstation.

I'm ready for it, now. I'm pretty stoked, actually. I'm ready to get back to campus and connect with people again. I'm ready for the late night socializing. I'm ready for the classes. I'm ready to meet new women people. I'm ready for the dinning hall.

I wanted to leave you with a funny picture, but right now, I don't have time to look. My mom is irritating the crap out of me about packing. It's midnight, and she still won't go to sleep and leave me alone...

I'm out.

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