Saturday, December 27, 2008

Open Mic Night

It's a question I've been pondering for a couple of days. When I say here, I mean the internet. More specifically social networks. Sure, I use Facebook to communicate with friends, and MySpace to keep up with musicians, but why do I feel the need to use Blogger or Twitter? Is that I really want to connect with people? Or am I just one of the millions of mistaken kids who think the internet will make them popular?

I'm just gonna admit it, come out and tell you what it is. I want the world to care what I think. That's all there is to it. I want the world to listen when I speak. I want to be important. Who doesn't? The success of networks like Blogger, MySpace and YouTube just go to show that everyone wants to share how they feel, what they think, what they like and what they hate.

The internet is a big place and millions are fighting for the spotlight. I don't think there's any shame in it. You have the opportunity to impact millions.

See, we are the first generation to really live our lives with the internet, but we're also a generation that got to live through the transition. And we're still living through it. We were there when the internet became accessible from the average home. We were there when the internet became a required information tool for students. We're here, now, watching as the internet becomes as much of a necessity as the telephone.

Just take a moment and think about how quickly it happened. If you're my age, you remember when people didn't need computers in their homes. Heck, my dad had a laptop from work, but I was in 9th grade when we got a PC. Just think about that. I didn't have a computer until high school - and it didn't matter!

I've come to a conclusion: it would be foolish to pass up a chance to perform on the world's biggest stage. Your thoughts, your knowledge, your talents - the world is watching, but they'll only see you if what you have to offer is incredible. My situation in that I just don't have an act. I'm standing, shouting babbles, in the town square of the world.

I mean, I can express thoughts like anyone else, offer a few opinions, but nothing sets me apart. I am different. I'm not like the millions of others vying for attention on the world wide web. There's no one in the world quite like me. We were are all created unique. The thing is, I don't know what it is I have that no one else can offer. I don't know what it is that I have that the world would want.

I have a couple of ideas...


Is the internet the ideal way to make your mark on the world? Pshh, who knows? It's certainly one way. It's probably one of the easier ways. Is it reasonable to hope to make a bigger impact than Rickrolling or Chuck Norris Facts? Maybe not yet - but we're getting there. Consider how big of a role the internet played in the recent Presidential election. Candidates on YouTube, Facebook and MySpace? That's never going to end. Internet social networks are officially a campaign necessity. Businesses are doing the same thing.

If there was ever a post I'd love to hear your opinions on, it's this one.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Putting Me Out Of My Misery...

I'm frustrated with the story I'm writing, because I keep overhauling it. I feel thrilled about it one day, then I switch up, entirely. See, the problem is that I'm not attached to the story. I set out to write a fiction story because I wanted to write a fiction story, not because I felt inspired. So I can, and do, constantly change the fundamental elements of the storyline. There's nothing concrete, because I started with nothing.

Does that make sense? I can't write a story that way. I can't write about something I don't care about. I mean, I can, but it's no fun and there's nothing motivating me. I even thought about setting a deadline for myself in order to push myself. But even if that worked, the story would like any passion. It'd be like school work.

A good story has to start with a spark, not just a thought. It has to be an idea that will push you through the times you don't feel like writing. You have to love it, you have to care to the point that your desire to see the work completed outweighs everything else. The story may not be dead. If I truly feel inspired to, I'll go back to it.

So what now? Well, many people, including myself, would consider writing fan fiction kind of a nerdy thing to do. Fan fiction, of course, is when one writes fiction pertaining to something he's a fan of. Say, you wanted to write your own Batman story or your own Star Trek episode. It's common practice, but it's pretty futile. I've always thought about it, but I didn't like the idea of writing something that so few people could enjoy. You can't sell it and it's not canonical, so who's going to care? It's just one guy's idea, right?

Well, it really doesn't matter if anyone else cares, if you truly enjoy writing it. Last night, I found a spark. It literally came to me in a dream. As I remember it, it was just a few seconds long. Hardly a snapshot, but a starting point.

I'm planning what I think will be the greatest work I've ever written. Better than all the stories, better than all the papers. And waaaay better than LifeShift. Yes, it's fan fiction. No, it's not Power Rangers, but I will probably be announcing it in the near future.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Somebody Had To Say It...

  • Look guys, nobody said you have to be young to use Facebook, but if you're over 40, your friends list should not be full of kids.
  • There's no point in getting all bent out of shape because we young people talk on our cell phones while driving. We don't pay attention, anyway. It's either the phone or the stereo. For your own safety, when you see a young driver, just pretend the vehicle is unmanned.
  • There's a curfew at my local mall. No one under 18 can be in the mall after 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays without a 21 year-old guardian.A "gang fight" broke out a while back, all the old folks lost their minds and the mall was obligated to make a stupid rule. Stop looking to the authority to fix your problems. All they can do is make rules.
  • I sincerely hope they find out who killed Caylee and bring him/her to justice, who ever that may be. But does anybody really want to see her gorgeous mother go to jail... Or worse?
  • Nobody likes you, Rosie O'Donnell.
  • Grocery store. Booty shorts. Your toddler in a stroller. - One of these things is not like the other, one of these things doesn't belong...
  • Barack Obama is the topic of discussion these days, but let's be honest, a lot of that can be attributed to the fact that his name is really fun to say. I like to say it in my Al Sharpton voice. "Obama Obama Obamaaa!"
  • You want to help preserve our environmental resources? Cool. But we can plant new trees. Can we put the paper towels back in the restroom?
  • On January 23rd, The Dark Knight will be re-released in theaters. Give me a break. Sure, it was a great movie. Sure, it broke box office records. But those records are broken every year, sometimes two or three times. People treat The Dark Knight like Jesus. Transformers 2, Wolverine or Harry Potter will break the records next summer and no one will be thinking about The Dark Knight. And if Shia LeBeouf mysteriously died...
  • "Yes Man" beat "Seven Pounds" at the box office this weekend. Now, I didn't look it up, but this may be the first time in ten or so years that a Will Smith movie didn't open in first place. Wacky Jim Carrey is still funny. Let's have more of that.
  • Stevie Wonder has confirmed that he's been approached to compete on Dancing With The Stars, and he's considering it... Really, Stevie?
  • Merry Christmas!

You have one? I wanna hear it. Comment!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Future

I thought about this blog a lot today. I'm really glad to have the readers I do. I'm glad you guys care what I'm thinking and want to read it. But I have my good days and bad days. Sometimes I write things I think are relevant and thought provoking, but most of my posts are, admittedly, written simply because of how long it's been since my last post. Like yesterday's.

Well, I'm going to try harder to make my posts more meaningful and I have more time now, but I'm also going to quit posting completely uninspired entries.

But I've come up with a great way to supplement my possible decrease in posts!


You may know it as "Twitter." It's kind of like blogging and it's steadily growing in popularity. They've reached agreements and are now working with Facebook and Myspace to set up full integration with both services.

See, Twitter limits all of it's entries to 140 characters. That means that they wont get any longer than the exact length of this paragraph.

These "tweets" can be posted via the web, mobile web or text message. The idea is that you can post as frequently (or infrequently) as you want, saying whatever you're doing or thinking. I'll be using it on a daily basis, sharing my thoughts and observations. Little nuggets of awesome.

And in case you were wondering, no, you don't have to sign up to see my updates. In fact, you can see my most recent updates in the sidebar to the right, whenever you check out my blog. Now, if you use Twitter, feel free to use that link over there and "follow" (subscribe to) my profile.

Friday, December 19, 2008

My B...

Sorry about that last post, if you happened to read it before I locked the blog. You gotta be quick with this blog if you want the controversy...

Nah, it probably would have only offended a couple of you. But why write if I'm gonna hurt my own friends?

So... the fiction story I'm writing has totally changed direction. I'm pretty much at square one, right now. But I'm more excited about the story than ever, and I'm still really excited about showing it to you. I mean, I don't want to hype it up, because you might think it sucks. But I think it's pretty unique.

I'm totally, full-on ready to make a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers film trilogy. I've got the stories all planned out in my head. All I need is about $200 million to film the first one, Ramin Djawadi to compose the scores and DragonForce to remake the theme song.

Seriously, though. MMPR fans are at peak ticket-buying age, now. It's about time.

...maybe I should just write it...

So, I'm really starting to get into this bluegrass/country music thing. I discovered Alison Krauss over the summer and since then I've bought two albums by Alison Krauss & Union Station albums, three from Emmylou Harris and one from Lee Ann Womack. I think the biggest thing I disliked about country music may have been the male vocalists... Well, that and the songs about nothing. Country musicians can make songs about listening to the radio, buying a drink or sitting on a porch swing, but when rappers write songs about dancing in a club or driving their car, it's meaningless. Fun music is fun. Let it be.

Kevin Rudolf's "Let It Rock" is the hottest song on the radio.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Chris' Favorite Albums of 2008 (and 2007!)

This wasn't easy. My mind changed a lot. If you were to ask me tomorrow, the list may be a little different. I was originally going to wait until January to make it, but I was just too excited about it. Besides, there are no upcoming albums this year that I anticipate making a difference.

Only studio albums in my collection that were first released in 2008 were considered. No live albums, EPs, singles, re-releases or albums originally released overseas in 2007 then released in the US in 2008 were considered. I had a pool of 37 albums to choose from.

I tried to choose albums that won't pale with time - albums I know I'll be listening to for the rest of my life. These are albums that I'll be playing for my children, with hopes that they can appreciate them as much as I have.

Also note, this really isn't informative at all. It's not about the music as much as it's just me telling you how much I like it.

So, starting with #5
If you wanted, you could just call this album "Summer 2008," because it's pretty much what I was listening to the whole time. There's really not much great about it, except that it's ridiculously fun. I almost didn't put them on the list because it felt so shallow, like putting Gobstoppers on a list of favorite foods. I mean, it's trendy stuff and The Ting Tings will likely fade with time, but I can't deny how much I love this album and how much I've listened to it.

Even if you're not sure who these guys are, you've probably at least heard "Shut Up and Let Me Go" or "That's Not My Name." The whole album is just as fun and I recommend checking it out.

A track to check out: "We Walk"

That's right, film score. And it's one of the best I've ever heard, ranking right up there with "Superman: The Movie" and "Back to the Future Part 3."

And a lot like the "Back to the Future" films, Djawadi's score adds to the scale of the film. He makes the fight between Iron Man and Iron Monger sound about as epic as a slow motion fistfight between Hercules and Samson in a dark alley during a thunderstorm. This may be the most exciting score I've ever heard. I don't even own the movie yet, but the themes burned many of it's sequences in my brain. It's unforgettable.

Iron Man's theme is fantastic. Ramin Djawadi, a childhood fan of Iron Man, created the basic theme after just seeing the trailer. It's really the coolest aspect of the score it because it's introduced as a theme for Tony Stark, but it evolves throughout the film, becoming bigger and more fleshed out every time Tony reinvents the suit. It's really neat to follow. It makes the first time Tony puts on the final suit about as epic as you could ever hope for.

A guitar-driven film score may seem like a sketchy idea, but it works here and it works well. This score is everything "Transformers" should have been.

A track to check out: "Driving With The Top Down"

The Vines return, rather quickly, after their last effort with a new bassist and their lead singer/songwriter, Craig Nichols a few months away from an Aspergers-induced meltdown. So what do you get? Typical Vines awesomeness. Seriously, Craig is like my own personal um... John Lennon. Music royalty, in my mind. Everything he writes is gold. He just has one of those minds, and it goes unnoticed in the US, which is a shame. The Vines hold the distinction that they are the only band or artist that's put out 3 albums of which I love every single track. Even though there's a track on this album I'm not crazy about, the rest is amazing.

A track to check out: "She Is Gone"

I first noticed Goldfrapp was heard "Lovely 2 C U." You may remember them from when their track "Strict Machine" was used in a commercial unveiling the LG Chocolate in 2006.

I forgot about "Seventh Tree." I was waiting for it, but the released slipped by me. I saw it in Best Buy and freaked out. I actually ended up liking it more that I expected. It's more mellow than most of what Goldfrapp has put out. It's not "danceable," like their other albums. They really abandoned what had made them popular. I listened to it all the time. It's just that kind of music you can play all the time without getting tired of it. I shoved this album in other people's faces, trying to make them listen, confident that it was the best album on 2008...

A track to check out: "Road to Somewhere"

#1 - My Favorite Album of 2008:
"Seventh Tree" came out in February, and I was crazy about it. I spent the year telling people that it was the best album of the year and that nothing else would top it. "Circus" leaked onto the internet in October, and it has been, by far, my most listened to album over the last 12 months. I record my plays on, and I just checked them, and added, and checked them, and added. In just 3 months I have, literally, listened to "Circus" twice as much as "Seventh Tree," which I've had since February. It's unprecedented. Not since Michael Jackson's "Invincible," in 2001, has one album taken me over like "Circus." Not since then have I listened to an album so much in such a short time. It's all I want to hear. I sit down with another album on my mind, thinking I'll listen to the whole thing. Two tracks in, I just end up listening to "Circus." I can't escape it. It's CRACK!

Britney's returned to the top, where she should be. Her last album (which was only a year ago) was well-received by critics, loved by her diehard fans, but not so much be everyone else. Personally, I think it went unheard, due to a poor choice of singles, but that's not important.

When I say "back on top," I mean it. When it was first leaked, I told my friends that "Womanizer" would make their heads explode. Luckily, that didn't happen. But it did jump from #95 to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in just one week, the biggest jump ever. It also had the highest first-week song download sales by a female artist.

The song is, undeniably, Britney's biggest hit since "Baby One More Time." So what about tracks 2 and after? It's a lot to live up to... but she managed. The album is pure gold.

One year ago, when I made my Top 5 list, I said that Britney's last album, "Blackout," was "easily her best work" and that it "smacks your mother." I stand before you now to tell you that "Circus" is Britney's best work, by far, and that the album not only smacks your mother, it throws her over its lap and spanks her with a paddle. Tell your mom that I'm sorry that had to happen. It's tough in the streets.

I'll tell you what. If you only have "Womanizer," do yourself a favor and breakdance in traffic. When you get out of traction, buy the rest of the album.

I'm not going to jump the gun and call this my favorite album ever, but uh, it's up there...

A track to check out: #$&% that, you need the whole album! Go ahead and get the Deluxe Edition, too. The bonus tracks are great.

Almost made the list:
"Rockferry" - Duffy
"Paper Trail" - T.I.
"Seeing Sounds" - N*E*R*D

"Ghosts I-IV" - Nine Inch Nails

Copy/Paste of last years list, because it was on Facebook:
Note, "Paper Planes" is a track from "Kala." Was I right or was I right?

Posted December 17th

I spent a lot of this weekend trying to think up this list. It wasn't easy. This has been a good year for me and music; there's been a lot that I've really loved. Take this list for with a grain of salt, because it's purely my opinion. I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts, though.

5. "Kala" - M.I.A.
You may not know M.I.A., but you should. She's a Sri Lankan rapper from the UK with a very unique style of dance music. I know, I know for sure that her music would blow up the club if they played it in the U.S. I would try to describe the sound, but I honestly wouldn't know how to start. I can only suggest you check it out.

Tracks to check out:
World Town

4. "American Gangster" - Jay-Z
Now, I'm a fairly new Jay-Z fan. I didn't really get into his music until "The Black Album." This album is a concept album, meant to complement the recent film of the same name, which I have yet to see... Jay-Z said he wanted to fill in the gaps; to sort of describe the thoughts and feelings of a gangster that couldn't fit into the film. Jay-Z's always been a great lyricist, but it's the samples that do the most for this album. A lot of old school R&B. It just sounds great.

Tracks to check out:
American Dreamin'
Ignorant Shit

3. "The Black and White Album" - The Hives
I love The Hives. I love The Hives. Their last album, "Tyrannosaurus Hives" was one of my favorite rock albums. I listened to it all the time. "The Black and White Album" trumps it, easily. It's just fun. Also, The Hives' sound has evolved quite a bit. They've diversified beyond simple grunge. While "Hey Little World" and "Return the Favour" sound like they could have been released two albums back, "Giddy Up," "T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S." and "Puppet On A String" sound so new and different. Funky, even - there's disco influence here. I would even go as far as to say that many Hives fans wouldn't like this album much at all, but I love it.

Tracks to check out:
Try It Again

2. "Blackout" - Britney Spears
Ok, ok. Shut up , shut up, shut up. If you diss this album, you simply haven't heard it. Britney Spears proved, with this album, that an artist's personal life doesn't have to effect their music. I know, that VMA performance really sucked. They say her heel snapped and she was pretty buzzed, but that doesn't really matter. This album smacks your mother. Britney is doing now, exactly what she was doing in '99, and that's making music that you can't get out of your head. You're probably thinking "Gimme More didn't get stuck in my head." And to that I would respond that I could probably pick eight songs that would have made better singles than "Gimme More." The word "pop"doesn't even do this album justice. This is like Madonna meets Timbaland. Don't let Britney's image keep you from hearing this album. This is easily her best work. So even if you've only almost liked Britney in the past, you should check this album out.

Tracks to check out:
Hot As Ice
Toy Soldier

1. "The Reminder" - Feist
If you haven't heard of Feist by now, you must truly be living under a rock. Even if you don't know who she is, you've heard her. Her songs "1 2 3 4" and "My Moon My Man" have been featured in commercials for iPod and Verizon Wireless, respectively. "The Reminder" is a best-selling album on the iTunes store, the number 1 "Editors' Pick" on, and nominated for four Grammy Awards. It's a calm pop album, mostly acoustic, somewhere between Bright Eyes and Regina Spektor. "1 2 3 4" is pretty much as upbeat as the album gets. I'd love for you all to check out this album, but you'd be doing yourself a big favor if you just ran out and bought it...

Tracks to check out:
1 2 3 4
Honey Honey

Honorable mentions:
"Funeral For Yesterday" - Kittie
"Dignity" - Hilary Duff
"Rival Factions" - Project 86

Monday, December 1, 2008

I Knew Something Didn't Look Right...

You could say I have a problem determining boundaries. It's not easy for me to see what's in my territory and what's not. Funny thing is, I err on the side of distance.

You know what? I'm really critical of myself. It seems like about half of what I write here is me complaining about me. I can't really imagine how that looks. I can't see from the outside. But it can't look good to see a guy complain about himself all of the time.

And what am I doing now?

I guess you can only be you. If you don't like who you are, you can change it. But if you're not willing to make that change, you should just stop talking about it...

You know what I hate? When people try to set standards. There's always someone around with that personality. They think that whatever they do, others have to match up. For some reason, they think that they're special, and that what they do matters more than others. They love to 1-up people look down on those who don't meet their own, personal par. Ironically, it's usually not about anything important.

I actually didn't manage to make it to the store today. My schedule was so crapped up, I couldn't fit in a bus trip... The last time I was this excited about an album and didn't manage to get it by release day was in 2005! I pre-ordered Project 86's "...And the Rest Will Follow," and it shipped late. I received it nine days after release day. Since then, I've never pre-ordered an album unless I wanted multiple copies and bought it in the store as well. I have more faith in my ability to get to the store than I do in any online store or postal service - and I failed...

I walked to East Coast Music and Movies, but they were too indier-than-thou to have it. I did get three sick albums, though. Quarashi's "Jinx," Lasgo's "Some Things" and Willa Ford's "Willa Was Here." $6.42 - ridiculous.

I'll definitely have the Deluxe Edition of "Circus," tomorrow.
Bet your valuables.

So yeah, end of the semester. I really can't wait for it to end. I am so, so tired of it. Seriously, when exams are over, I'm throwing myself my own private, one-man dance party. You'll wish you could be there.

I really thought The Dark Knight came out on video today. That's next Tuesday. I mean, I can wait, but I must have told my dad "December 2nd," like, five times... Whoops.

Christmas is coming up. I know, because I've heard the music in the stores. Really guys? Christmas shopping? Already? I mean, I haven't even thought about what to get my family, and I probably won't think about it for a couple more weeks. Yet, miraculously, I'll still have plenty of time to shop. Wooooow.... Don't get me wrong, I'll be at the mall all the time when I get home, but I won't be shopping. I'm a mallrat by nature.

Speaking of movies, I could use a really good one. It's been a while since I've seen a new movie that I was just amazed by. The last one was Pineapple Express, last summer. I have a feeling I won't see another movie I'm crazy about until next summer. And you know what I'm talking about. I may not be able to peg every movie I like before I see it, but I know what I'm gonna love.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Full House

It's been a while, but I've been busy. Especially the last couple of days...

I found out shortly before I came home from school that I would have family in my house for the entire Thanksgiving Break.


Ok, so, my parents' families both live in the same area. So on Thanksgiving, we see everyone in one day. but this year, my mom decided she wanted to have Thanksgiving at home. Her family was cool with it. My dad's family has firm Thanksgiving traditions, so there was no point in inviting them. So I was faced with the choice of either leaving my parents and spending Thanksgiving with my dad's family, or staying and seeing Mom's side.

Turned out, my mom's family wouldn't be able to gather until Friday. So Dad and I left Wednesday morning and headed to his mother's house for Thanksgiving. My mother's parents came to our house Wednesday and Dad and I came home Thursday night, after dinner.

Friday's when the fun started. Black Friday shopping. I. Love. Black Friday. I didn't even need anything, although I did get a good deal on a memory card for my phone. I just like the crowds. Black Friday, Christmas Eve - I'll be at the mall, Best Buy, WalMart and anywhere else I expect crazy crowds. It's fun. Dad finally got a Blu-Ray player.

My mom's side of the family showed up Friday afternoon and evening. By nightfall, there were a total of 13 people in the house. that's 10 guests. Friday was fun. Grandma had a movie moment and initiated an impromptu talent show. There are a lot of singers in my family. And a couple comedians.

Saturday, I needed a break. I go crazy when I'm around people too long. I spent all of Wednesday and Thursday with my dad's family and all Friday with my mom's. I just wanted a day that I could walk around my house, do whatever, and not have people talking to me and asking questions. I wanted to eat cereal and read Calvin & Hobbes in the kitchen for an hour or two. I wanted to watch movies with the 5.1 audio booming. I wanted to sleep until I felt like getting up. You know, all the things I'm used to doing in my own home.

I had to leave saturday and go out. I just went to the mall (my favorite place to escape) and walked around for a while. I love my family, I just start feeling smothered after a while. I foound out a lot of my gift ideas were way too expensive. I also had a terrible drink called a "Gingersnap Latte." Avoid it.

I came back just in time for the festivities. What festivities, you ask? Oh, just my grandparents 50th anniversary. Yes, yes, dressing up and dinner and such. Fun times. Wah wah wah.

About have our guests left tonight. The rest leave tomorrow. I just hope I can glean a couple of hours to myself before I have to leave for school...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Hey, I Like Your Backpack." "Yeah."

It bums me out that I'm so ridiculously shy. It really seems like I will never get over it. It's like everyone I know and every friend I have has fallen into my life. If you're not a friend of a friend, I'll never meet you. Even if you introduce yourself to me, I'll manage to leave the conversation without as much as your name, much less any way to contact you again. People say "You just need to put yourself out there." You might as well tell me to "just build a house." I watch people, thinking about what I'd say if I could just talk to them. Not just girls, either. I see people with a cool shirt or talking about something I'm interested in. I'd like to throw out a complement, or something. It's like I'm not capable of it. My lips just won't move.

When I'm out and people I don't know speak to me, it's like I go into shock. In my mind, I panic. I answer their question or respond to their comment in one word, like "yeah," "hey" or "thanks." It's like I've been thrown into traffic and I'm just I'm scrambling to get out of the street.

I dunno, it's just me. No one is gonna be able to change me, but me, and that's probably not happening.

And I swear, if anybody posts something like "you just gotta suck it up and do it," I'm gonna delete it. I'm so tired of hearing it. It's not that easy.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Friends are amazing, aren't they? How awesome is it that God has given us the ability to create bonds with each other that are as strong as blood? We can turn acquaintances to family. You start off just spending time with someone, having fun and goofing off. Before you know it, you're taking care of each other, providing for one another and defending each other, when need be. You would work to help each other. You would give of yourselves so that the other could have. You would fight for each other. It's an incredible capability we posses to create these bonds, because, when you think about, where would we be if we didn't have each other?

I'm considering posting more frequently, with shorter posts like this one. Tell me what you think.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Music, Pencils and English

I'm getting the impression that everyone thinks I'm all about Pop music. I guess I talk about Britney Spears too much. Let me just go on the record and say that Pop and Dance music, together, makes up about 1/6 of my music collection. I just checked. I've got 3 times as much Rock and Metal. I just don't want you guys thinking I don't rock out, just because I claim MJ as "the best there ever was." I've also taken the liberty of posting some videos from some of my favorite rock bands.

So, I walked back from class the other day without my glasses. It was such a beautiful day. I walked past the intramural field and just stopped. I really hate that my lenses are "transitions" (meaning they tint in the sun). On a nice, sunny day I have to either walk around with tinted lenses or impaired vision. I can't enjoy the sunlight.

I think I may finally be convinced to get contacts...

The other day, I forgot my pencil on test day (blasted bubble sheets!). I had to borrow a pencil, which I hate to do. I'm afraid I won't finish my test before the person I borrowed the pencil from. I hate to borrow a pencil and have the person leave before I can return it. For one, it sucks for them to hand over a pencil, knowing they will probably never see it again. Also, last time, it took me over a week to find the person I borrowed the pencil from. I could hardly remember what she looked like...

But this time I completed my test first. So there! Returned to sendah!

I am a very imperfect person.

Why must I say "very?" Because even "almost perfect" could be considered "imperfect." I wanna make sure I emphasize that "perfect" and "Christopher" are very far apart.

We all have problems. We all make mistakes. We all, from time to time, base our actions and reaction out of emotion instead of rational thought. I am no different, and I have recently been reminded on that. I let my emotions get the best of me, and I wasn't even aware of it. I said some cold words and had some even colder thoughts.

I let some things get to me that shouldn't get to me. I got upset at some things that shouldn't have upset me.

I got angry.

I don't do "angry" much.

Captain Kirk is the man!

So, last week, I started the foot work to change my major from Business to English. It's something I had been talking with my parents about since summer. They never liked the idea. They said I was so far in my college education, that I would be better off getting my Business degree, then studying English after. I wasn't down with that.

My adviser and I went over the changes that would be necessary. I learned that if I were to choose Business for my minor, the entire major change would require only 9 credit hours more than my current track! So we started looking at the classes required for English majors...


I mean that in all honesty. I don't need, or even want, half of the classes English majors are required to take. And even if I did learn everything I wanted to know, I'd have to find a solid career in English while I worked on getting something published. English degrees are pretty much worthless, unless you want to teach. I quickly realized that majoring in English would be a waste of my time...

Here's where I'm at: I just want to write. I want to create. When I write fiction, people like it. But I never like it. People tell me it's great, but when I'm writing, I feel like I'm operating on a lower level - like I'm working with inferior storytelling skills. I look at the way I word things and they just don't wow me. I don't feel like I paint vivid pictures.

I would love to make a living writing - if I could write what I wanted. Writing in a business setting is downright torturous. I'm using my talent for someone else's profit, like a circus performer. I can't do that for a living.

I'm going to better myself. I will become a better writer. But I'm going to do it my own way. Not by studying 400-year-old books, not through grades and tests. I will not be "classically trained." I'm going to do this myself. I'll study the books I think will help me. I'll make my own writing exercises.

Is that arrogant? Most likely. But I have to do what's right for me. After all, no ones knows what I've got in my head or how I want to present it. It won't be the way Shakespeare did it. It won't be the way Charles Dickens did it. It won't be the way C.S. Lewis did it.

So I'll keep my major. I'll study business. I'll get a job in the "real world." But I will also spend plenty of time in my worlds, the worlds I create, in hope that one day I can share them with the world.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nice Guys Finish Last... No Joke?

I'm a real idiot sometimes. Did you know that? I'm waaaaaay too nice. I let a lot of things slide and I decide against doing a lot of things people ought to just let slide.

See I'm a very picky, particular person. Little things bother me. What I find myself doing is putting forth too much effort to prevent putting people through things that don't matter, because I would hate for those things to happen to me. "Do unto others," you know. Except, if controlled what people did to me, they wouldn't have much room to breathe.

A few minutes ago, I needed to get my jacket out of my room, in which my roommate was sleeping. I turned of the light in the room I was in, slowly turned the door handle, eased into the room, Solid Snaked my way to the chair my jacket was in, grabbed my jacket, tip-toed my way out and closed the door - all as quiet as a hamster (which is, in fact, quieter than a mouse). Then I though about all the times I've woken up to the sound of him closing doors when he goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I mean, it's not like he's loud, he just doesn't open a door like he's cracking a safe.

I do things like this all the time. Another scenario: I consider myself a moderately funny guy (other people used to tell I was funny, but I guess I'm slippin'). I make a lot of situational jokes, trying. I don't like the attention, so I usually just tell the closest person. Then they turn around and tell it to someone else and make them laugh. I hate that! Get your own jokes! I should call people on it, but it would embarass the theif.

What am I?!

I pay for not-dates.

I don't tell people when I'm cold in their cars.

I don't brag.

I do for people, too. I think I got that from my mother. When I see someone in need (or just want), I feel for them. When everyone looks around the room thinking "whose gonna do this," I always want to. Even little things, like answering the door. When someone isn't happy, my first instinct is to jump in and interviene. I feel like I have to do somehting. I just don't, sometimes, because I don't want to be labelled as the guy who does the stuff no one wants to. I've managed to get that a bit under control, because I've seen my mother exhaust herself, doing for others. She goes to lengths unseen, to help people. My mother is an angel, seriously. Countless people are better off for knowing her. But somtimes, when she's really been put through the ringer, I don't want that for myself. I don't know how she does it.

I also hear girls don't like it when guys are too nice. They say if I guy does too much for a woman, puts her first all the time or "treats her like a princess," she feels smothered.


No one told me. It's things like that that reinforce my belief that dating is too much of a sport. If you're trying to find someone you love, and that loves you, what's with all of the behaivior modifications?

You can't be too nice, because women feel smothered. You need the girl you like to see you as a challenge. You have treat them like they aren't important. You've got to say things that feel unnatural, do things that feel uncomfortable, and somehow end up with someone who loves you for who you really are.

Everything I'm told sounds retarded.

It all sounds like "Tips for Being a Total Jerk," yet it works for everyone else, and they swear by it. I mean, if it works for everyone, it must be true. Surely I'd be an idiot to pass up such common and tested advice. It's like you have to play the game to win, and I'm disputing the rules. I feel like a fool just for typing it, but what can I say? I just can't bend that far. I can't act so far outside of my personality. I can't go against everything that feels right.

I'm just nice.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who Is Chris Williams?

It's a question that's been on my mind since my last post. Today, I decided that perhaps the best way to answer the question is to just sit down and make a list of what makes me who I am. Easier said than done...

Chris Williams is a master procrastinator

Chris Williams listens to music constantly

Chris Williams needs his friends, but he also needs time to himself

Chris Williams shouts for laughs but never out of anger

Chris Williams is often too nice

Chris Williams enjoys doing nothing

Chris Williams wears his heart on his sleeve, but not on purpose

Chris Williams is man of habits

Chris Williams likes routine

Chris Williams doesn't have to win arguments, but he won't quit until you understand his reasoning

Chris Williams dresses for himself. He's not comfortable unless he likes his clothes

Chris Williams has trouble displaying affection

Chris Williams worries to much

Chris Williams doesn't follow sports. He really doesn't care who wins

Chris Williams has a mind that's always working. He tends to be less observant of his surroundings

And, as you know, I can't stay on just one topic.

I would give anything to see myself through the eyes of others. I would love to know exactly what other people think of me. Why? Because I. Cant. Tell. If there's anything in the world I can't do, it's read people. I care what people think of me, and nothing is more uncomfortable than to look right into someone's eyes and not have the slightest clue what's going on behind them. Perhaps I'm just insecure... Ha! As if there was ever any doubt.

In the back of my mind, I've always have big hopes for my future. I've had the same image of my future in mind for years. My family, my house, my success - I can picture it all. My ideal future. That image hasn't changed in years, but what has changed is my position in the time. My 22nd birthday is just a couple months away. It's easy to look at the future optimistically and tell yourself that it will be happy and bright. But that all changes when you realize that it's time to start building that future. It turns from a dream to a goal, from anticipation to expectation.

I'm writing the sickest story, right now. I can't wait to show it to you guys.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Almost As Good As My Next Blog

I didn't use to play video games on a daily basis, or even a weekly basis. In fact, my PS2 was collecting serious dust. What happened? I got a PS3 over the summer and now it's eating up my spare time.

I'm not gonna lie, the state of the economy is finally starting to bum me out. It's all they talk about on the news, and no one really understands it. News channels and Presidential candidates throw out names of banks and businesses, trying to push the blame in different directions, but when it comes down to it, no one can agree on the solution. Why? Because liberals and conservatives can't even agree on how our economy works! They all study the books and earn degrees, but somehow they manage to come out with opposite solutions to every economic problem. Either in economy is completely uncontrollable, or one group is completely wrong.

We're so superficial. I don't even know if we can help it. It's easy, if you try, to judge a person for who they really are, once you get to know them. But uh, how do we choose who we get to know?


I'll admit this: I have a problem asking for help. I just don't like to do it. But recently I've found myself asking for help with a subject I know nothing about. It's a strange feeling, admitting to yourself that you're hopeless without help. I guess anything beats failure...

But we need people. That's really what friends are for. They help each other. It's great to have buddies to do fun things with, but it's more important to have people you can depend on. Friends help without hesitation. They don't expect anything in return for help. If they need help, they know where to go. God forbid you find yourself surrounded by buddies and no friends.

I wrote a lot of blogs entries on MySpace before I decided to stop writing and deleted all of my posts. They were terribly revealing - soul-baring, really. I got scared having so much of myself out there for the world to see. And with the things I wrote, it's understandable. Anyone who read those posts would know things about me I've never told anyone face-to-face. My innermost thoughts, feelings and expressions of... well, everything.

But now. Just now, I wonder if it was a mistake to not just stop writing them, but to delete them. If I could see them again, I would read through them, perhaps edit them and maybe even post some again. Every time I finish a post on my new blog it feels horribly impersonal. I don't feel like this is me. I avoid truly divisive topics. I never write full blogs on a single, important topic. I string off a few observations and post it. That's not me.

Bare with me while I find a balance. I assure you, this blog will be the place to learn about who I am and what I think. I just need to find that balance.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Don't Sleep, I Just Blink

You know what I've always kind of wanted to do, but haven't? Make music. I don't know why I never picked up an instrument as a child. I just didn't have an interest in playing any. Lessons? No thanks. But music, it's my thing. It's always been pretty much what I care most about. I have ideas, too... I've decided to try my hand at digital music making. Get some crappy free software, first, just to test the water. It seems like the perfect answer.

I have a quiz due by like, 8:30 this morning.

I can't wait to have my own my own home. I don't mind the dorms, but I would just love to have a place to call my own. An apartment could be better, though less convenient, in my case. But I'd rather have my own spot. I guess it'd just make me feel like a man to own my own house, buy some guns...

So, I've been checking out the Baptist Campus Ministries meetings. Pretty cool stuff. It seems like the service is really short, though. And they don't seem to have a regular speaker, week-to-week. For me, that's weird. The music is kinda hard to get into, too. It seems like they try to pick modern songs by well-known artists, so I don't know any of the songs. They just end up feeling awkward. Some songs are written for worship, others are more personal. If the lyrics are too personal, it's hard to relate. I can't be singing lyrics that aren't even true, for me.

But I'm not trying to rip on the BCM. The people are friendly and the teachings are relevant. Plus, it's always difficult for me to get through that awkward period when you don't know anyone. I just have to make sure not to do what I usually do, which is to attach myself to the few people I do know, and not meet others.

You guys are lame. You probably don't read this, but whatever. You guys dropped me like a bad habit. You were like, friggin' next door. You couldn't call? What am I? Whatever. I guess you guys were fun to talk to, while it lasted. I'll probably never see you guys again, but whatever. I guess that's no big deal, to you.

New Todd, you're slippin.

Just about everyone I know steals music, too. And none of them seem to think it's wrong. I hear stuff like, "Why should I buy something I can get for free," "Those rich muthaf-----s don't need my money," "I can't afford to buy music, it's too expensive," or "I buy CDs from the people I really like."

If I even say something like, "Yeah, I'm going Best Buy to get the new _____ CD," I get laughed at. "Why would you buy CDs?!"

I only say "hi," like, one out of every 5 times I want to.

I'm pretty sure CHS toilets could flush bricks. I bet the only way to clog a CHS toilet would be to put a CHS toilet in a CHS toilet and try to flush it. I foresee two possibilities. One: the CHS toilet would successfully flush the CHS toilet. Or, two: the encounter could create a paradox, the result of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe! Granted that's a worst case scenario. The destruction might in fact be very localized, limited to merely our own galaxy.

I don't feel like spell-checking this one...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bloggin' Ain't Easy

Blogging sounds like an easy way to express yourself. A simple outlet through which release your thoughts and opinions to the world. The question is this: how much can you say before your readers start treating you differently? Sometimes I just want to empty my head. I want to post exactly what I feel and exactly what I'm thinking. I used to do just that, on MySpace. I posted a few blogs that I emptied my heart into. It felt good to type it, but I always second-guessed it. It's possible to say too much.

I just don't know what is enough and what is too much. I believe a lot of that comes from not knowing who reads it. I had a lot of readers on MySpace. Well, it felt like a lot to me. Now I have, maybe four readers I know of. Four people who have talked to me about my blog, online or off. I assume I have that many readers who haven't spoken to me about it. I'm confident that I would have more readers if my posts were more personal. But, honestly, I'm afraid to put my business out there again. I'm afraid to step on toes and let out secrets. I keep a lot inside. A lot. I would love to express it, but I'm not sure I would like to express it to you. I know what I want to say, but the thought of certain people reading it... I just don't know.

I'm not entirely sure blogging is for me.

We'll see what happens next.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Failure Is Not An Option

Do you know what it's like to be standing face to face with an obstacle, confident beyond doubt that you cannot pass it, weighing the pain of failure against the regret of giving up?

They say people don't change. If a guy doesn't keep his room clean by the time he's 20, he's not going to have an immaculate house when he's 40. We get set in our ways. But what if "your way" is to ignore the severity of the situation? What if "your way" is to tell yourself that you'll succeed later? What comes next? When time runs out, how do you surpass an obstacle you've just been staring at all of your life, knowing you've never truly tried?

I just felt like drawing attention to that dreadful feeling you get when you realize time is running short, and you haven't done anything. When you realize that you're on the starting line and everyone else is achieving your dreams.

Maybe you don't even deserve it. Still hurts.

At some point, you have to stand up and take what you want.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Freaking Candy Bars!

Why does every good candy bar have to come with 8 crappy ones? I saw "3 Muskateers Mint," today. Mint! Next time you're in the store, count the Reese's. There are millions!

Britney Spears' new track, "Womanizer," is gonna be amazing. Keep an ear out for it.

I've been kinda hooked on's "Used & New." It's kinda like eBay without PayPal. The selection isn't so great, but it's mad cheap. Thing is, I'm usually all about supporting the record industry, but recently I've been really into buying used music. I'm starting to think it's just my collector's mentality that keeps me buying CD's these days, not moral convictions...

You know who I can't stand? T-Pain. No talent. I'm not just talking about that vocoder crap, either. Everything the man touches turns to crap. Then he gets praised as a genius.

The new Pussycat Dolls album is gonna suck...

Michelle Rodriguez has returned to acting. Score!

Am I wrong for opposing the redistribution of wealth? Like, entirely?

Typing blogs isn't easy. I guess that's why I typed another rant. This post is entirely uninspired. I'm only typing it because I haven't posted in a while. I'm afraid my four readers might forget about me.

If, some time in the past, or future, I post something you really like, feel free to share it on Facebook or something. Despite tonight's weak effort, I am trying to get some exposure.

Also, if you're reading this on Facebook, don't forget to click "view original post," to check out my real blog. It's snazzy.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chicks Are Retarded

Why is it that a man can't tell a woman what he's thinking? Why is it that men are forced to play this ridiculous game of cat and mouse? Do they not realize that some of the nicest, most considerate and caring men just aren't good at these sports?! Sorry ladies, hoop-jumping's just not my bag! You ladies need to learn how to take the truth. 

"Hey, you're gorgeous. Unfortunately, that's all I know about you. But I'd love to know more. Let's hang out."

If that's not a good line, I'm effing screwed. Because it's truth and it's all I've got. I don't understand women. They love to make things complicated. They force men to play these retarded games. We have to say the right things, give off the right "vibes." 

What a wonderful world it would be if a guy could walk to a girl, tell her exactly what he's thinking, and start a conversation. 


Chicks aren't retarded. If you get pissed off by my title, I'll know you didn't read it.

Really, what is it that women don't understand? I realize that girls have a reputation for being more "emotional." I'm not going to say whether or not it's true because they don't talk to me very long. But I will say that you're not going to kill a man by actually telling them that you like them. You don't have to smile a certain way, look deep into our eyes or flip your hair a certain way. 

Just friggin' say it!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Young Americans. I Urge You, Don't Vote!

You'll ruin it for everybody. The lower the education level, the more liberals. There's reason for that.

Wow. A lot has happened since I made my last post...

So... McCain chose Sarah Palin for his VP candidate.

I didn't see that coming... I don't know too much about her, but then again, who would? The Governor of Alaska? Whatever it takes to beat Barack... I hope picking a young (looking) VP candidate will help break the stigma of being an old man. My political science teacher made good point: Making history by voting in Barack should have less appeal now that voting in McCain would "make history," too.

I hear she gave a great speech last night. I've only heard bits and pieces, but I'll definitely check out the whole thing tonight.


I met a really cute girl at lunch like, last week. Well, she actually came and sat with me. Being the socially inept idiot I am, I left lunch that day without even as much as her full name. Sometimes, I even amaze myself.

It shouldn't be so hard for me to meet people. I'm just so bad at it. I don't know how to talk to women. And I'm told I "always look sad." Maybe that's because I don't know how to talk to women!

Whatever. It seems like the guys that are good with women are total jerks. They treat women like crap, and women love it. We all know those guys that had four or five different girlfriends is high school. They may be selfish and disrespectful, but they know how to get dates. Whatever happened to using your powers for good?

If a guy is charismatic and attractive enough to get a bunch of women to go out with him, he ought to be using that to find a wife. Instead, he just uses it to "chase the cat - bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay, bow wow yippie yo yippie yay." That's the worst part.


In Stores October 7th
Rachael Yamagata
"Elephants... Teeth Sinking Into Heart"
Watch her perform a track from the album in the sidebar.

In Stores September 30th
"Paper Trail"


I finally hooked up the cable in my room. I've gone weeks without television, and I've hardly missed. But, Terminator is starting back Monday, so I had to get ready. The Office returns September 25th.


Michael Jackson's been working on his new album for years. He's never disappointed me, but I'm starting to get nervous. He's been working with Ne-Yo, Akon and Will.I.Am - all MJ wannabes. What's next, Justin Timberlake? Come on, MJ, you're better than that.


I hate Geology.


I've been eating a ton, lately. New Todd is awesome.


Do you read my blog? If so, consider commenting. Right now, I know of two people that read these posts. I'd like to think I'm doing better than that...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting Down to the Nuts and Nuts of Homosexuality

If you wanna be gay, be gay. I mean, I'm not cool with it, but I won't call you out to your face. It's the acting like a chick that really irritates me. If a dude is gay, you'd think he'd like a dude that acts like a man, right? But if he's with a man that acts like a woman, then it's not a man that he wants, is it? It's a chick with a penis. What does that make him? Seriously confused.

I understand that homosexuality is a "lifestyle," but when did it become a way of life? Aside from actually being gay, why must one act gay? I started thinking about it when I saw a couple gay dudes holding a conversation on the bus, today. What make gay men act like women? The lisp, the voice change, the mannerisms. When you really think about it, it doesn't seem necessary. Does it happen naturally? Is it just a signal to other gays whose Gaydar isn't properly tuned? Maybe they're just proud to be FaBuLoUs!

That last explanation seems the most likely to me. I get the impression that in our "intolerant" world, gay men have fun throwing their homosexuality in our faces.
Right in the kisser!
Right in the kisser!
Right in the kisser!
Right in the kisser!
Like a big middle finger to "the establishment." Like "I'm gay, deal with it! Tee-hee-hee."

You may be wondering why I'm not talking about women. Probably because I can't spot the gay ones. Some chicks are just manly.

I guess my real question is this: What is homosexuality: an attraction to the same sex, or just the same sex organs? Because if it's all about organs, it's nothing more than another fetish, and all of this "woman trapped in a man's body" business is just bull.

I know that title is a bit much. Maybe my post is a bit much. But so is a man that sashes through the mall in a rainbow scarf and mismatched Converse, so I don't feel too bad about it...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Campus Awaits!

So. In the morning, I'll be returning to the wonderful campus of East Carolina University. I'm actually looking forward to it. Things have been pretty slow at home, but I'll take the blame for that.

The truth is, I really enjoy the days where I can just relax by myself. What can I say? Sometimes, being so close to friends becomes a bit like a job. They have expectations and you have obligations. See, I grew up without siblings. I never got used to having people around me all of the time. I like having my space. In the dorms, there are people around when I wake up, and people around when I go to sleep. Friends want to hang out for days at a time. I'm sorry guys, but I can't be around anybody for two days straight, with no time to myself. I get grumpy. I've got to get away. So if you see me walking around the mall alone, that's just me escaping you. Ellowel. No, really, you should say hi.

This summer, I enjoyed my time alone. I worked a stress-free part-time summer job and an internship. I spent the rest of my time relaxing, shopping, revisiting some fantastic albums and enjoying my new Playstation.

I'm ready for it, now. I'm pretty stoked, actually. I'm ready to get back to campus and connect with people again. I'm ready for the late night socializing. I'm ready for the classes. I'm ready to meet new women people. I'm ready for the dinning hall.

I wanted to leave you with a funny picture, but right now, I don't have time to look. My mom is irritating the crap out of me about packing. It's midnight, and she still won't go to sleep and leave me alone...

I'm out.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sorry it took so long...

The few of you who knew this blog was coming know how long it took. You're reading the second post. That's a faux pas. I'll let it slide. Anyway, I figured I'd let my second post explain why the first one took so long. I am a perfectionist. For me, writing is very, very difficult.

But it's not because I can't write. I get excited when teachers assign papers. Easy points. I'll take a term paper over a final exam any day, spend 3 days on it, and grin when I turn it in. In other words, I eat papers like "nom nom nom." But those papers are graded by teachers, not me. They're never good enough for me; I've just learned to except the fact that they don't have to good enough for me to get an A. The last time I turned in a paper I was truly satisfied with was 11th grade. It was titled "Candy Era," or something similar. It was about America's unbending demand for instant gratification and complete inability to handle discomfort or disappointment.
was a sick paper.

With this blog, it's different. I've been writing for days, each time completely unsatisfied with what I wrote, then starting over. I've finally accepted that if I didn't stop rewriting, I would never post. I decided to just post my last draft. So, from this point, forward, there will be no rewrites. I'll be writing what's on my mind, hopefully without second guessing myself, and posting it.

Like so.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why blog? Do I have some deep or revolutionary message to promulgate to the masses? No.

Am I destined to enrich and educate all those who listen? No.

I just wanted an outlet to express the random babble that runs through my mind.

So, what should you expect from my blog? You can expect me to sit in front on my computer and type whatever comes to mind, until I get bored.

And so it begins...

I'm 21 years old, and I still don't understand the point in making my bed. Am I trying to convince people that no one sleeps in it? I've got to unmake the bed to get back in.

If you knew my bed wasn't made, would you love me any less?

You know what else I don't get? Rap, today. Now, before you leave, thinking this is a typical attack on rap, I'm not going to talk about pointless lyrics and repetitive beats. I can understand that. That music is made for dancing, and it's good for it. The lyrics don't mean anything because they don't need to. I'm not going to talk about "concious rap," either. I can stand it, even if I rarely agree with the message.

What bothers me the most is the arrogance. Now, rapping has always walked hand-in-hand with confidence, all the way back to it's roots. But now, it seems like the rappers hailed as "the best," are their own biggest fans.

Why is it entertaining to hear someone brag about how great they are at braging about themselves? Sure, they may be capable of writing complex rhymes, but why not use that talent to say something?

Also, I heard that Ludacris said in a song that we should "paint the White House black" by voting for Barack. That made me laugh. What's even funnier is that Ludacris was encouraging black people to vote. If Diddy couldn't do it, Luda sure can't. It wouldn't make a difference, anyway. The Democrats have had African Americans in their pocket for ages. When it comes to politics, my people seem to have a problem thinking for themselves. It's like black people feel they have a duty to vote Democrat.

What's the deal with Radiohead? They sound so bad...

I'm the only person who feels hot in my house, and I'm the only one who feels cold
when I'm anywhere else.

I have almost completely lost contact with my friends from high school. I bothers me, just not enough to pick up the phone. What can I say? They don't call me.


Why is that film students think their opinions on movies count more than those of anyone else?

Did you know you can win a Pulitzer Prize for being a critic? Movies, books, music, architecture... If you're distinguished enough, you can get a Pulitzer. What the heck? I thought you had to write something important to get one of those. What a load crap. I have opinions! If I walk with my nose up and rag on some comedies, can I have a Pulitzer?

Why do girls starve themselves to look like fashion models? Those people model to make the clothes look good, so women will buy them. Guys don't care about fashion models! Do you ever hear guys say, "Man, that Kate Moss sure is hot?" Probably not, unless you've asked me... My point is, if you're gonna starve yourself, look to the actresses for "thinspiration" - those are the women that men fawn over. Don't shoot for Kate Moss, think Jessica Alba.

I guess that's what you can expect from this blog. Maybe, in the future, I'll try to stick to a topic.